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Easy User Guide

Detailed How-to Steps: 

1. Choose your desired needle (coarse or fine) and screw it on to the UpGlow Stick™ pen body.


 2. Disinfect the needle with distilled alcohol using a cotton swab to eliminate any trace of bacteria that may have been transferred to the needle. 

3. Press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to switch the device on and then click until you get to the level of strength you want.  

4. Once you choose the desired gear, press the OUT button to eject plasma on to your blemish. Continually press it while you work on the blemish, and pass the needle on it lightly until you notice some residue on the needle.

5. Use a cotton swab to eliminate the residue and work on the blemish until you are satisfied. 

6. Once you are done wipe your blemish with a clean cotton swab and wash the area with a cleanser. 

7. You're all set. Wear a broad spectrum SPF on the area for 72 hours after. Once healing is complete you should notice clear, renewed skin come through! 


    What needle should I use?

    We recommend to use the fine needle for most small blemishes like freckles, moles, skin tags, and small spots (age or sun related). 

    The coarse needle should be used when the blemish is a little larger or thicker. These include warts, bigger skin tags, moles that protrude out of the skin, cherry angiomas, and scaly growths. 


    What gear/level should I use?

    You can use any needle on any gear or level. However, each level is a higher level of plasma energy. This will depend on the complexity of the blemish and how much energy is needed to eliminate it.

    Our recommendation is to begin on level 1-2 and increase as you feel comfortable with the strength.